Archenemy Records

The Archenemy Record Company.

Founded 1997 in Boston, MA. 


The Archenemy Record Company was founded in 1997 by Sean Drinkwater, Jussi Gamache, Tony Norton and Rick Webb. Very soon after, we added a fifth partner, Aug Stone, who didn't make it in time to be in this lovely founding photograph, taken on our front stoop in Allston, MA in 1997 or so. Archenemy was founded to release great music by our own bands and other bands we loved in Boston, leveraging our connections with the bands, recorcding studios and manufacturing facilities, as well as our love of graphic design. Over the course of ten years, we put out 40 or so albums. Occasionally we put out another one. It happens rarely these days, but, hey, never say never. 

We don't take demo submissions. We barely put anything out anymore. If you need to get in touch with us, best to his us up on Twitter.