Archenemy Records

The Archenemy Record Company.

Founded 1997 in Boston, MA. 

Current Bands

  • Freezepop - Alive and well. Check their site out here.
  • Texas Governor - The Texas Governor is mysterious and elusive, and hard to pin down. He recently delivered his latest album, “The Experiment” to Archenemy, and it should be coming out soon. Up-to-date information and a glimpse into his weird world used to be found at the Texas Governor site, but it seems down.
  • Lifestyle - Lifestyle just keep on rocking. Or synthing. Or something. They've been putting a ton of stuff out on Bandcamp lately for your listening pleasure.
  • Rockets Burst from the Streetlamps - Rockets are best contacted through Archenemy.
  • The Elevator Drops - The Elevator Drops is no longer a band. However, Archenemy has released their unreleased back catalog.
  • Karacter - Information about Karacter can be found on bandcamp.
  • Chop Chop - Her web presence is reclusive, but you can listen to her on Spotify.
  • Ad Frank - This is Ad's amazing website. Prepare to be blown away. Also, that's him in the background. 
  • Turkish Delight - They are back! Iheartnoise recently reissued Howcha Magowcha, and the Turks reunited for a s show in Boston. 

Alumni + Friends

  • Rock Stone - This former Archenemy partner and member of Rockets Burst from the Streetlamps and Lifestyle has gone solo. You can find info on him here. He’s also in a pop band in the UK called H Bird that is kind of awesome. 
  • Val Webb - This former member of Rockets Burst from the Streetlamps is now part of Astral Blessing and Sunburned Hand of the Man. See below.
  • Annie Smidt - This former member of Rockets Burst from the Streetlamps runs adesign studio.
  • Ghosts from Sweeden - Ghosts From Sweeden are currently serving jail time in Malmö, Sweden, due to a ruckus involving damage to Swedish Government property, when two of the members were caught waging psychic warfare against each other from neighboring castles. We’re hoping they will make amends — as well as psychic peace — soon, so we can get them back over to the states. We’re also hoping to put out their lost masterpiece “Ghosts” soon, but apparently the Swedish Government has some say in this during their incarceration. No wonder there’s no Swedish Tupac.
  • Garvey J - This former member of the Elevator Drops played with the Rentals and Matt Sharp but is now back in Boston doing a solo album. And now he's joined Devo. This makes sense in its own way. 
  • Polystar - Polystar information can be found on their Myspace Page.

Past Bands

  • Neptune - Neptune are still around, and putting out music. Most information can be found here.
  • Turkish Delight - Turkish Delight are defunct, alas, but Darryl and Leah are both active in music still. Carl keeps an interesting indie zine running. It can be found here. Dave got married, and I haven’t seen him in a while, but you know he still has the rock in his heart. Next time I see him, I’ll ask.
  • Betwixt - Leah’s making music still (here). Tom and Gordon.. I’m not sure. Any news would be appreciated.
  • Kantishna - Kantishna still records once in a while, and hopes to make more soon. More records may come from him sometime.
  • Boothnavy - Boothnavy mainly makes amazing analogue instruments now. You can find them here. He still plays with Lifestyle from time to time, and Karacter. 
  • Gordon Merrick - Gordon has run off and gotten engaged and retreated to the wonders of North Carolinian Academia. Up-to-the-minute information can be foundhere.

Bands from the Know Your Enemy Compilation

  • Blake Hazard - Blake is still recording solo. Blake was also part of the well-known band the Submarines, but that is defunct. 
  • The Ghost of Tony Gold - Mysterious and elusive, you never know when they’re gonna pop around and do a reunion show. Members are scattered throughout the country, but sometimes, if you’re lucky, and the stars align, you can see them play. The members are mostly still playing music.
  • Mistle Thrush - Info to be found here. They did a reunion in late 2014/early 2015 and it was awesome. 
  • The Mourning After - The Mourning After broke up. So sad. Is there no justice in this world?
  • Commodore Vic 20 + Leah Callahan - Commodore Vic 20 is (was?) in a band called Cooling Towers. I quite liked them.
  • The Hidden Variable - The Hidden Variable is a side project of Chris Ewen from the Future Bible Heroes.. Finally, The Hidden Variable recently released a full length. Info here.
  • We’re All Gonna Die - They’re still rockin, and they own their own domain name,here.
  • Intelevision - No known website. Does remixes, mainly. 
  • Bastian Blessing - Bastian Blessing are now known as Astral Blessing. Well, there was a slight personnel change. Dave Bird is in Bastian Blessing, but not Astral Blessing. Val + Paul are in both. There is a revolving lineup in Astral Blessing, beyond those two. Val + Paul both also play with the Sunburned Hand of the Man collective. Paul’s old band, Bright, are still kicking around as well, though Paul is not now an active member.
  • The Boy Joys - It’s amazing. They never stop. They don’t play out that much either, though.So Maybe it balances out. Info here.
  • Movable - Movable are defunct. A shame. Something about bands on this comp whose names start with the letter M, I guess. Well, actually, only 3 for 4, I guess. Umm. never mind.
  • David Keyes - David is an artist who makes boxes and the like on top of music. 
  • Mellonova - Members of Mellonova have started a new band called Beneath Augusta. I
  • The Choice of Tragic Wives - Main Man Nico Chiotellis now plays in a band called Room Tone. 

Got info on other Archenemy friends/etc? Drop us a line.