Archenemy Records

The Archenemy Record Company.

Founded 1997 in Boston, MA. 

Arch 30 - Freezepop - Futre Future Future Perfect Limited Edition - CD.jpg

Arch 30 - Released 2007


Future Future Future PErfect Limited CD

Limited edition of the Rykodisc release, containing bonus tracks Get Drunk With Milk and Retired Tennis Pro. Autographed and limited to 2,000 copies. Red foil on black Digipack. 

Track Listing:

  1. Less Talk More Rokk
  2. Pop Music Is Not a Crime
  3. Frontload
  4. Thought Balloon
  5. Get Drunk With Milk
  6. Ninja Of Love
  7. Brainpower
  8. Do You Like My Wang™?
  9. He Says She Says
  10. Do You Like Boys?
  11. Retired Tennis Pro
  12. Swimming Pool
  13. Afterparty (Extended Mix)